Test Results

SAN-AIR has been tested against all the following Bacteria and Moulds and has been proven to kill all of them.

Covid-19 Test Results

Test performed by: Eurofins

Considering the cytotoxicity and neutralisation test results, the sample has shown virucidal efficacy against MHV-1 by achieving 4.27 log reduction in virus concentration after 10 minutes exposure period at room temperature.

SAN-AIR will eliminate 99.975% of COVID-19 on a surface within 10 minutes.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate

Issued by: Department of Health – Therapeutic Goods Administration

Combined San-Air Testing

Testing Bacteria, Mould, Fungicidal and Sporadical

Exposure of bacteria to the sanitiser product generates a significant decrease in the population of the bacteria in the test chamber.
The 55.5% average result from a stream of ten repeat tests is a significant statistical change and indicates the sanitiser can be expected to cause around 55% of the bacteria population present to be killed for every half hour of exposure to the sanitiser.
As an example only, if one started with 1000 CFU, then after 30 minutes of exposure in a controlled environment one would have 450 CFU left. After a further 30 minutes of exposure one should have 247.5 CFU left and so on.
In a real life environment we find that significant decrease results can be achieved in 24 hours in moderately contaminated environments, whilst heavy contamination is reduced in longer timeframes, up to a week.

Food-Grade Testing

Conducted by: Global Proficiency / AsureQuality

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